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A fantasy giant galapagos tortoise to fit in with the game’s native american war party. 

Inspiration for this project came from the tv series 'Westworld' where a host native american gains an obsession with a pattern otherwise known as the maze. As a homage to 'Westworld' the pattern on the tortoises back is of the maze.

This character is both savage and noble and hopefully this is communicated through its design and presentation. Tortoises are exceptionally old creatures and the character should feel as though it has had a long and arduous life.

The style is slightly exaggerated but contains the overall feel of realism and detail.


Overall, I think this has been a successful project. Some of the things I’m most happy about are the texture and model detail that have come through so nicely and the character’s topology has been optimised well. I’m very proud of my UE4 viewer too, although there is some functionality that I’d like to add to it . It would also be nice to fix the popping issues as you flick between textures/poses. I think that the basis for my character is original and the design is strong.


OH_LonelyGeorgeViewer_Playable.zip 200 MB
OH_LonelyGeorgeViewer_Editor.zip 263 MB
OH_LonelyGeorge_ProductionDocument.pdf 51 MB

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